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20 years ago, Bruce was a successful entrepreneur that was spending more money than he was making Not wanting to give up his lavish lifestyle, Bruce was on a mission to find an opportunity to start growing his wealth while still enjoying all the luxuries he was used to.

One day, while he was in Vegas watching a championship fight between Riddick Bowe and Evander Holyfield, an idea struck him.

His brother, Michael Buffer was a boxing ring announcer and always started each match with one phrase, which gave Bruce the idea.

The two formed a partnership and trademarked what became the most recognized and successful phrase in sports and entertainment history.

Since then it's been used the in Wrestling, Basketball, Football, Hockey, music videos, movies and even video games.

You know the phrase - "Let's Get Ready To Rumble!"

And in the last 20 years it has brought in over $400 Million in sales.

This is the power of having an idea and knowing how to market.

This Thursday, on our $1 Dollar Trial, Curt Maly will be sharing insights from a "$100 Million Man" and how you can quickly and easily build your social media strategy.

You're also going to discover how to build your online brand that requires NO original ideas, NO copy writing experience, and almost ZERO skill.


Curt will reveal the #1 strategy he uses with his clients to ensure success and profitability each and every month.

We're making this training FREE for LIVE attendees.

You'll get hit with more ideas to grow your business than you can shake a stick at.

But all you need is just ONE to have a complete business and income transformation.

Make sure you're there.


Vitaly Grinblat, Magnetic Sponsoring Editor
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