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A Frequently Asked Question 

Dear Mr. Hip-Hop Marketer,

How much does it cost to be featured on The Nerv of Them blog?

There is no charge for posting videos, links or articles to The Nerv of Them blog.  It's free! Our objective is to show aspiring artists, actors, models, independent label owners, and professionals the power of leveraging the internet to secure a nice size budget for their projects.  We're the premiere in Internet Marketing, Money Leveraging, and Network Marketing.  We only require that you participate in our program and learn how to use the power of the Internet to advertise yourself/your business, and earn an income at the same time.  The process is easy to learn, and simple to apply.  Below are three of the links we use in our highly effective Marketing System.  

     This is the registration process to have your work posted on our site.

  All three sites are free to join!

Five For Free Dot com is a money leveraging site that simply shows the power of numbers when utilizing the Internet.  It takes about five to ten minutes to join and begin making money.


E-mail Pays U successfully combines the Internete-mail and referral marketing into one awesome program making it easy to earn extra money.  You could earn an extra $20$40 or even more just for reading a few e-mails, so sign up and spread the word.


Vindale has another awesome r
eferral program.  Every time a friend joins Vindale with your link and completes at least one survey or study, you get a $5 credit!  Start earning, simply click on either of the links below:

Next, share your link via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks with your family and friends.
There's no limit to how many people you can refer.  However, only one referral per household and computer.


Till Next Time,
Emperor, The Hip-Hop Marketer


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