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Peace and greetings of wealth and health- 

                            I'm feeling well and blessed.  The productivity of the company is really a great feeling.  Today I wanted to update you all on our company progress to date.  As many of you are aware NRZ Inc. has now entered headlong into Internet Marketing! YAAAAY!!! This New Age marketing technique, is a life's blood for many companies in this new economy.  What is Internet marketing you ask?!  Well, that is a very vast topic that we will be breaking down and teaching to all those who truly want to learn and benefit from this information.  We are still learning as well, and have some really great info, from some very serious professionals in the field.  
                            As far as progress is concerned the benefits of Internet marketing have been many.  Let's break down some of the tools used by Internet marketers.  My mentor Mike Dillard explains that you should study one tool first get good at it and then move on to another. The first tool that we decided to embark upon and study is called targeted email marketing. It's pretty much self explanatory in that it deals with finding a company's (you,or your company's) target market and building an email list in order to keep in contact with that market.  Ask any Internet marketer worth his keyboard and you can bet the ranch he's gonna say list, list, and more list!  The list is so important for many reasons. For starters these are people that you will be sharing your opportunities with (product's, services, etc.).  These are all the potential customers strolling around your online store.  Remember once these people are on your list they will receive regular emails from you ( your company).  When you send these messages and updates consistently you will begin to build rapport with this list.  From my learning I've come to understand that people tend to chose to do their business with people (companies) that they know, like, and trust.  When you give people information that they can use to better their business online, they are truly thankful for that!  They begin to understand that you are not only in it for the money, and in some cases (as with Mike Dillard, and many others) you don't necessarily even need their money.  It becomes understood that this marketing thing is more to you like a passion the an ordinary 'job'.  This business can become like an art form, with it's creative copy writing, and graphics!  The greats paint you a beautiful picture of their own vision.  Which is generally to help others understand and master the Internet marketer in them.  Entrepreneurship is like being a business rock star!  And just like any other sport, the coach wants their student to become great, not to mention that in the sport of Internet marketing and network marketing while your student trots the road to  master, this journey to marketing prowess generates a substantial income for you and him/her (=! All of this should come across clearly and intimately in your emails (news letters).  And when it does you will gain a loyal following, and as I mentioned earlier on, an email list of people who know, like, and trust you... Priceless
                   Our email list is growing daily, thanks to hard work, steady learning, due diligence, and most of all great MENTORING!!! ! You, our members are like loyal fans, without you there is no NewrealitysolutionZ!  Thank you for your unending support.  Please continue with all of your awesome questions and inquisitive feedback, to be sure; as we teach, we learn! We truly hope that we have been able to bring home some of the enormous benefits of targeted email marketing!  For more information on the benefits of entrepreneurship, network marketing, and Internet marketing stay tuned... And in the mean time and in between time check out an awesome mentor in Mike Dillard-Looking Fast Forward...

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