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Emperor Adb'alMalik- 

     Salute!  That's what's up, you're looking to increase your knowledge and that's how you win!  Good lookin' on visiting our blog.  Without you the reader, The Nerv Of Them has no relevance, this definitely is a team sport!  Before we dig in I want to give just a little background on me and my quest to success.  I also want to let you know that I truly appreciate you taking the time to read and allow me to share my vision.  Time is even more precious than money.  When you lose money, you can work to get it back.  You may even get more money than you had before, however when you lose time you can never get that back, or make any more of it so, I don't want to waste any of your time. I want to introduce you to a method of making money the is very effective when using the Internet, and/or Multi-Level Marketing.  I call it >>> Urban Money Leveraging <<<, and you can find out more about it at our ever growing FaceBook Group >>> The Urban Marketing League <<< after you finish reading this post.   
     This is the way you make money doing what YOU love.  My interest was to perform, write my lyrics, teach with my music and travel.  I wanted to be able to fund my own career without having the need for someone else's money.  Whether it be a major label or some venture capitalist with big money.  No matter how you cut it, that's still working for someone else, and I chose to be an entrepreneur.  As you can see, it worked for me ;-)!  You too, can make money doing something that you're very good at with the systems that I am going to expose you to. With these systems anyone can do it!  As long as your willing to learn something new, and put in some work you can succeed big, no matter what your true passion is.  

     Check this out, do me a favor.  Actually, do yourself a favor and try this exercise.  You'll like it.  It'll give you a mental boost afterwards.  Think about how hard you work.  Whether you're in construction or your an executive assistant at an entertainment firm, school teacher, mailman, or anywhere in between.  Now take a moment to think about your job, and how many hours you work.  Think about what you wear, and the preparation time.    Etc., etc.   Now think about how much money the bosses make.  Hundreds of thousands??  Millions?!!?  Maybe even more, don't you see how much your work is worth to the company?!  How much do they split with you?  25%??  10%?!  No, not even 5%... Now, imagine you focused all that same effort on you inc.  Imagine being able to fund your endeavors with your own money.  You may want to just buy your mom a new car, or by your fiance a ring, or open a studio.  Whatever it is that you want you can have.
     In my search for another way to go about going after what I wanted.  I stumbled upon an amazing system put together by a really unique dude.  He really is different, and you can tell right away.  You see he went through the exact same thing a lot of us have gone through and he used all those emotions to his advantage.  I always say things like sharing is wealth, and education is key.  Well, he's the guy that helped me to see just how real that is.  He basically charted his path to success from failure, and made a system out of it.  This system changed everything for me (and a whole lot of people).  It changed the whole way I was going about business.  It is said to have changed this entire industry!  The system/book is called Magnetic Sponsoring and my dude is Mike Dillard.  In this style of business you keep the bulk of the profit off of your efforts.  How does that feel in your mind and spirit?!! (Told ya)
     We all have needs, and we all need dreams, as well.  A lot of us feel we must throw away our dreams for one reason or another (children, spouse, responsible careergood job).  That's just simplynot true!  You don't have to stop dreaming, and you shouldn't!  Look at me. =)  Feeding my family, and livin' my passion out, while building the T.E.A.M. bigger  and stronger day by day. You do have to be willing to learn something new, and put that work in.  Take a look. Magnetic Sponsoring               

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