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I got 3 words for you.

Save Your Work!

So my dog didn't actually eat it, but my crazy cocker spaniel decided to jump on my desk while I got up to get something, slamming the wireless keyboard with his paws, and pretty much deleting most of what I wrote by typing some dog gibberish.


So I'm going to make this pretty short.

Last night Curt once again over delivered by revealing some ninja Facebook marketing strategies.

As a matter of fact let me say this...

2 days ago, I started a brand spanking new fan page.

Has nothing to do with internet marketing, how to make money or anything like that.

Completely different niche.

I put a small budget of $5/day (later raised it to $15) and in just TWO DAYS, I got 540 fans.

Today (3rd day) I'm already at 677 fans and will hit 1000 by tomorrow

Took me an hour to set everything up, including the cover photo, setting the ads, and that includes posting about 16 images in the status update.

The page is getting interaction, I'm getting likes and even comments already.

Next I'm going to start getting leads.

ANYONE can do this.

It's quick and simple to do when you know HOW to do it.

In the first training Curt did for us, which was a 3 hour no-holds-barred session...

... Curt revealed his step-by-step system for kicking off a brand new fan page, getting fans and leads on a small budget.

It works.

You can get this and all the other training videos we've got by joining What's Working Now for just $1.

You can put up a page today, get fans and leads before the day is over.

Here's the link to get started.


Vitaly Grinblat,
Editor, Magnetic Sponsoring Newsletter                                                          


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