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In a recent interview with DJ Drama, Nicki Minaj touched on a lot of topics including backlash from her single, "Lookin Ass N**ga" and the cover art that went along with it. She mentions to Drama that the single was never meant to be a huge release.
"I put out one song and turn around on Twitter with people telling me what I don't know..what happens if I say more controversial stuff? I don't know I don't know if they thought I was referring to Malcolm X as a 'lookin ass n**ga,' I would never do that but I've apologized. They definitely misconstrued my meaning and I took it down but it was definitely out of love."
She also mentions that they cover may have been a little too much. "But hey it wasn't in good taste and now it's down and that's the end of that."
Her single has also given her a standing ovation with her male friends, who have commend her for calling out men who are less than average.
"All the real n**gas I know f*ck with the song, if you got a problem with the song, you're guilty of something. N**gas been dissing us for so many years, y'all need to man up in 2014, and figure it out." she said. "Just to let you know, your girl is going to have an arsenal off your side chick that you put on Instagram, you better watch out because she coming for you, you better not be a lookin ass n**ga"
Nicki also talks about her new album, living in the spur of the moment and gives props to recently signed group PTAF. Check out the full interview in the link below.
Source: rapradar.com
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