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2 Secrets To Making More Affiliate Commissions With AWeber

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Keeping with the partners theme, we love the affiliates who have partnered with us to help share AWeber with other small businesses and entrepreneurs.
To help you be more successful, here are two quick affiliate marketing tips to get more customers and earn more commission:

The Highest Converting Pages To Send Your Leads To

If you want people to use AWeber, you’ve got to show them the goods. Luckily, we have just the place for you to do that.
When you direct people to AWeber on your blog or in your emails or even in person, don’t just tell them what’s great about us. Show them by directing them to these pages:

Get Them To Start Emailing – The More They Commit To Their Account, The More You Earn!

AWeber’s affiliate program pays 30% commission on your referred customer’s original order, but that’s not all! We also pay you a 30% commission on their monthly bill. That means every month they pay us, we pay you too.
So you want to make sure the people you refer are growing their lists and getting results from their newsletters.
Point them to our blog – we’ve got tons of marketing advice to help them out. And encourage them to sign up for any of our free webinars to learn the basics of building a list and beyond. And our support team is here 7 days a week to help with any questions they have.
Once you get them over the hump of sending their first email, keeping them successful with their account should be easier.

Got Your Own Secrets?

What are your tried and true tips for marketing AWeber as an affiliate? Share them in the comments!

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