How to Generate 45 Leads *Every* Day on Facebook

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How to Generate 45 Leads *Every* Day on Facebook:
***Thursday the 16th @ 9:00pm Eastern
WWN "resident" Facebook advertising and viral strategist is back to teach you how to get the most from your Facebook pages and advertising campaigns.
Things are ALWAYS changing in "Facebook land," so you MUST join us Thursday night to stay ahead of the curve and your competition.
You'll discover...
- The biggest mistakes even seasoned advertisers make
- What's working now (and what's not) with paid advertising (Hint: ads are now "objective based" and it's CRUCIAL you understand the new options.)
- How to structure the perfect status update to generate leads and sell your products and services
- The TRUTH about the NewsFeed's recent algorithm changes (you'll learn why most marketers are struggling with reach and engagement
- Exactly how Michelle generates over 45 leads each and every day from her fan page for just $10 a day (and how she easily generates 100 leads a day during promotions)
Register right here: — with Michelle Pescosolido.

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