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     What's good with y'all today!?  We're still working on bringing you those money marketing lessons to build that wealth.  Y'all know my peoples +Ti Roberts  is one of the up and coming powerhouses of the Blog world, and she is definitely bringing the heat when it comes to money making strategies.  Check out her official first interview.  It's got that money talk in it. -The Hip Hop Marketer

Ti Roberts-
Today’s post is a really exciting one!
I recently meet an amazing new blogging friend, Vukasin Ilic, and I’ve been following him and his content for a few weeks now.
Not too long ago, I received an email from him asking me for an interview. As I was answering his questions, I thought about all of the awesome value he offers on his blog and felt compelled to ask him for one as well.
So lucky for us, he’s here today to share his secrets in the first ever interview on my blog! :)
I’m excited to have him and I know you’ll find some value in his answers. So without ado, lets dive right in…
ME: Hi Vukasin, I’m so excited to have you here with us today!
I’m really anxious to get into this interview with you as I’m extremely intrigued by your zero investment experiment on your blog.
Please first start off by telling us a little bit about your background and how you got into internet marketing and blogging?
Vukasin Ilic
Vukasin Ilic
VUKASIN: Hey Ti and others. My name is Vukasin Ilic and I’m a Serbian Internet Marketer. This is my passion and I also enjoy blogging.
I got into this business 10 years ago, when I was only 16. It was hard on the start but now it’s pretty cool. I love what I do.
I started my new blog FireProved Marketing in the August this year and it is my main focus at this moment.
ME: Okay, so what I’m sure we all want to know more about is your zero investment blog experiment. How did it get started and what was the motivation behind it?
VUKASIN: Happy to talk about it. Zero investment experiment is really cool and the basis of the experiment is that I can’t spend any money on anything while I’m building one of the most popular Internet Marketing blogs around.
The motivation I got is when I saw lot of people struggling to get into the Internet Marketing because various of financial reasons.
I know I had the same problems when I was starting out so I want to show people that it is possible to earn money online while you still don’t invest anything.
ME: Seeing that you’re not investing any money into your blog, I assume that your traffic methods are free, right? What are the main methods you use to drive traffic to your blog?
VUKASIN: Yes, that’s right. Well, it is hard since I can’t invest in Facebook ads and various other premium traffic sources, plugins etc.
But I want to show that it is possible since you can get traffic through lot of hard work, dedication and enjoyment of what you do.
If you know how to produce something that will be popular among people, you don’t need money to invest. And if you have thousands of dollars to invest and still don’t know how to help people, you are not going to make it.
ME: I remember reading your October growth report and I was amazed by your results. You managed to generate $2,158 in income from your blog! Could you tell us how you did that?
VUKASIN: Yes, it was pretty good. It is not so high when you see bloggers like Pat Flynn who are earning more than $50,000 every month. That is impressive. But it is hard to get to that point.
I always try to beat yesterday me. So if I generated less than $2K in the September, I know I need to beat $2K in the October.
ME: One of the biggest challenges for bloggers is to generate a steady income from their blog. What do you suggest that other up and coming bloggers do to generate their first income from their blog?
VUKASIN: Just to work hard, test everything and see what works and what not. If they know how to help people, they will be able to start earning steady online income.
But if you can’t find solutions for people’s problems, you are not going to get really far.
ME: I know that different bloggers have different ways to monetize their blogs. Would you say it’s easier to monetize a blog via products or services? And why?
VUKASIN: It all depends from niche to niche. I would say that monetizing with products will be much easier and much more fun job to do.
But I also think that monetizing with services can be lot more effective if you have various of different skills.
ME: According to you “traffic is overrated”. Why do you say that?
VUKASIN: Traffic is overrated for one reason. People tend to chase higher traffic instead of chasing more clients.
I managed to get few steady clients from only $1K monthly traffic and I see very often that bloggers who have traffic over 30K can’t earn anything.
Simply, they are chasing more traffic every day while they should focus on getting more clients.
ME: What would you say is most important in regards to running a successful blog?
VUKASIN: Taking care of your readers. There is lot of factors but I believe that running a successful blog depends on your readers satisfaction.
If you know how to treat one reader, I bet you will know how to treat thousand more.
Is there anything that you would have done differently with your current blog?
VUKASIN: Short and Sweet- Nope! :)
ME: What is your ultimate goal for your blog and business?
VUKASIN: My ultimate goal for my blog would be setting everything up to the highest level and be a first choice for everyone who are looking for valuable tips related to Internet Marketing without investing a dime.
Thank you for having me as a guest Ti. I really appreciate that! :)
Have a nice day!


I got a ton of value from this interview. How about you?
Vukasin shared some easy and simple tweaks that you and I both can make to improve our blog business and generate more revenue,WITHOUT initially having to put money into our blogs. How awesome is that?!
The biggest takeaway I got was to focus more on increasing my personal clients rather than getting more blog traffic.
This was cool to hear because I’d already started pivoting in that direction, so I’m on the right path. :)
If you’re struggling with getting started blogging, hopefully this interview gave you some insights into how you can get started today and begin working towards generating some income for yourself.
I’d love to hear any takeaways you got from this interview as well, so please be sure share this post if you found it helpful and leave your thoughts in the comments below. Or feel free to ask any further questions you have.
Also, be sure to check out Vukasin’s blog and follow him  socially onTwitterGoogle+ and Facebook.
Ti Roberts

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