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                               NO WAY LUDA & KENDRICK- FLORIDA SHERIFF

Lee County, Florida Sheriff Mike Scott evidently doesn't care for Hip Hop too much, and would prefer to keep it away from his county.
The officer sent an e-mail to the president of Florida Gulf Coast University, protesting the school's decision to invite Kendrick Lamar and Ludacris to their Eaglepalooza. Scott questioned why the school chose to invite artists like Ludacris and Kendrick Lamar, who use the n-word and other profanity, instead of someone nice like, lets say, Carrie Underwood.
"I am completely confused, and I asked Dr. Bradshaw, a black man, to please explain how Paula Deen uses the word 30 years ago and gets nationally excoriated and these people use the word every single day, every other word out their mouth, in every single song and we are going to welcome them to a county park with the endorsement of FGCU," said Scott.
When explaining his position, he also mentioned that he won't be approving any extra officers for this event.
"We are not going to waltz out there like we would for a baseball game or a Carrie Underwood concert," said Scott.
In an email back, Bradshaw makes the point that in over 200 college appearances, Kendrick Lamar and Ludacris have never had a reported incident of violence. According to him, these are the artists the students want, and that's who they'll get.

                                                                     TWERKIN'  WORKS FOR WHAT??!

Giving birth and taking care of little Bash has occupied much of Amber Rose's time, and because of this, she's been forced to drop out of the spotlight. However, Amber is back on the scene, and making moves to right her career. Rose has officially picked up power player manager Tish Cyrus, who is of course Miley's mom.
During a recent interview with Hot 97, Angie Martinez asked Amber how she felt about Miley.
"We love Miley," said Amber. "She's a real sweetheart. Miley's mom is managing me now."
Tish Cyrus has certainly made an impact on her daughter's career, so there's seemingly no reason why she can't do the same for Rose.
                                                         SOCIAL MEDIA:GIFT OR CURSE??!!- JADAKISS
Jadakiss spoke on the topic of modern day fan-bases and social media in the present era.  He feels as though in some ways it was created "for soft n*ggas who can't fight" as he put it, and it gives people the heart to speak up over the Internet and let their voice be heard.  
Jada also spoke on the topic of Battle Rap remaining as a factor in main stream battling to motivate every MC to stay on top of their game.  He feels as though hip-hop music has converted to strip club music and that people have lost a sense of quality in their lyrics.  Jadakiss also addressed Kendrick Lamar's verse and how his own fans don't want to see him doing the things that Kendrick does.

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