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The other day I had to drive through Detroit, which I very rarely do, and it brought back the memories of working in the ghetto almost 20 years ago.

I had a job in the jewelry section of a pawnshop.

The largest pawnshop in Michigan. On the corner of Gratiot and Cheyne, for those who know the area.

The neighborhood was just nasty, and I'm sure it hasn't changed a whole lot since then.

And the customers... well let me just say that it was an eye opening experience to deal with some of the characters that wondered in from the street.

Hookers, drug addicts, and drunks.

The owner insisted that when the shop closes, we all leave together.

And it was good to know that there was an armed off-duty cop, dressed like a thug roaming around the place, keeping an eye on everything.

After I had my windshield broken twice, I thought this must be a sign that I just shouldn't work here anymore.

But what I remember clearly is thinking back then why is it that every major city has ghettos and slums, and at the same time has nice upscale areas.

Anywhere you go, you'll find both poverty and luxury.

And you know it all comes down to the choices you make.

Some people choose to live like that.

And others choose a different path.

Some people keep making the same mistakes over and over and over... and keep getting the same results.

While others choose learn from their own as well as others mistakes and try to avoid them.

Speaking of mistakes, many in our business make some serious ones that keep them trapped and struggling.

Some of these blunders are silently killing your internet business.

Stay tuned as we're going to be releasing some crucial training on how to identify and avoid these deadly land mines.


Vitaly Grinblat,
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