NRZ NEWS XCLUSIVE- You really think Jay Z is Nice, or are you Brainwashed?!!? DMC

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               You really think Jay Z is Nice, or are you Brainwashed?!!? DMC
Back in Hip Hop's infancy, DMC of Run-DMC proclaimed himself "The King of Rock" and lived up to the title. Some may consider Jay Z the King of rap now, but the two legends don't seem to be on the same page.
In a recent interview, DMC expressed the belief that Jay Z's popularity comes mostly from the brainwashing techniques of contemporary radio stations. Since they play Jay-Z and other rappers over and over, DMC feels there is nothing special about Hov's songs.
"It was inevitable that hip-hop became commercialized but along the way our power got taken away. Now you got the same 12 records on radio being played over and over again. Lil Wayne, Jay Z ain't hot, it's just they're programmed so many times people are brainwashed. What made us, KRS, Tribe Called Quest, and De La Soul great was that we wanted to change the world, taking responsibility for our actions. Now everything that's negative in stupid ass America is celebrated."
                   Atlantic Records doesn't want T.I. to grow and develop
Atlanta rapper T.I. went through some rough patches in his life during the mid-2000s, but since those troubles with the law, he's been a seemingly different man. His last two albums have documented more of his personal transformation and change, as opposed to the pimpin' and thuggin' to be found on his previous works.
In a recent interview with XXL Magazine, T.I. says Atlantic Records has not been supportive of his attempt to his clean his life up.
"Nah, Atlantic Records hated," said Tip. "Labels love hardcore T.I. That keeps the cash register ringing. They don't want me to go to prison and caught though. They want me to be the Teflon Don, and I can't blame them. That shit's sexy. But I'm older, man. I'm wiser, I'm calmer, I'm better, stronger. I'm ready for whatever tomorrow got coming."

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