What's 'E-Gwop' !??! #ElectricMoney

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     Y'all already know what it is!  Health & Wealth Greetings, God Bless first and foremost!  Let me let y'all knoow things have been working.  I'm really beginning to get a nice rhythm in this thing called Online/Internet Marketing!  Besides the facts that I have a growing E-Mail list from My Hard hittin' NewZ Letter Da HipHop Marketer NewZ, I just got a call to close another online sale, my student has her own blog & website , and three prospects are calling me regularly!!  My MMM-Blog/Site:The Nerv Of them is extremely close to 30,000,000 views!<~~ We're not quite there yet =) ( 30,000 views excuse the error)
       It's kinda crazy actually, me the guy who not so long ago (few years) couldn't even check an e-mail or turn a computer off for that matter, making money online... hold on, making REAL money online!  This is incredible!  The Internet is a diamond mine right -N- front of your face and most don't see it yet!  The crazy part about it is, I thought you had to be like a computer geek online all day, with technical skillz and knowledge of the latest programs to make ANY money online...WronG!!!   I'm the proof.  Those of you that know me like +Bumpy Johnson +LaiShawn LaBorde Know for sure that I was no computer wiz, and for those that don't you're just gonna have to believe me ;-) As far as being on the computer from sun up to sun down... That's what the automation part is about.  And that's my personal favorite!  That's the part I call E-Gwop, Electric Money, or Automatic Money
     How does this work you ask?!  Great question and here's the answer, no smoke and mirrors.  Just a simple blueprint to follow to automate your business online as well as offline. It's called Magnetic Sponsoring among other things this e-book shows you step by step how to set up your online money making system.  The great part is that once you set up your system once it runs automatically.  It's not as complicated as it may seem.  Another beauty to the system is the support and mentoring.  This e-book is like a complete system with live training, live support and basically all you need to get going right away with your online business and once you set this simple system up it's automatic like electronic money!  It's like you have robots working for you online while you take care of more important business (like fishing)! There's a science to marketing online and Mike Dillard and co. really went to school to master it.  Not any prestigious university like Harvard or Yale... The school of hard knocks, trial and error!!  To put it plain and simple this book is about teaching you how to make money online, how to use today's technology to your benefit, how to expand your business using e-mail, FB, blogs and the like.  You see when you have a home business you need to let people know about it.  The only way to make money with your Multi-Level Marketing Opportunity is to let a whole lot of people know about it!  When you let someone know about your opportunity they're called a 'lead' easy math tells us the more leads the more sales, and the more sales the more money for your business!
   Bottom line is Magnetic Sponsoring Is  CoSigned World Wide!! This thing is like finding a diamond mine, you have all this black coal, that's worth millions, you just have to mine it and compress it and your good!
Do yourself a big favour and grab the free videos giving you some priceless tips on how to give your business that automatic touch, basically how to get Electronic Money-E-Gwop

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