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                                                  Claims To The Throne:Philly
      Despite working on several tracks together, Meek Mill seems to be firing shots at fellow Philly rapper Gillie Da Kid. Gillie, who's best known for being in 90's rap group Major Figgaz, has released a couple mixtapes titled "King of Philly," which Meek seemed to take aim at. 
While Meek didn't address Gillie directly, the subliminal shots seemed obvious to those reading the tweets. Hit the above slide to see what Meek had to say and let us know what you think: 
                                        Social Media Shots:Meek Fires First
Meek Mill fired subliminal shots at fellow Philly rapper Gillie Da Kid on Tuesday, tweeting "King of Philly." If you got knocked out then you ain't the king! Lol who am I then!" Soon after the media published the story online Gillie took to Instagram to share his thoughts.
While he didn't mention Meek's name, the timing and content of the message he shared made it obvious who he was talking about. Hit the above slide to see what Gillie had to say: 
Source: Instagram
      Gillie sets the record straight! "my longevity is ridiculous,"-Gillie
Long before Meek Mill was blowing up on the Hip Hop scene, rapper Gillie Da Kid had the Philly streets on lock. But with Meek's recent success, has there been a change to who holds the throne?
According to Gillie, there's no way Meek could be the King of Philly, since he simply hasn't been around as long.
"It can't be a discrepancy over who the king is, 'cause my longevity is ridiculous," explained Gillie. "You can't last over time without success. If I were a bubble-gum or a popcorn-a** rapper, I would have been up out of here. But the fact that I got real talent, you can't deny that. God gave me that. The only person who questions if I'm the king or not is Meek Mills."
In a new song called "King Me," Gillie seemingly takes subliminal shots at Meek, but the rapper himself denies the rumors.
"Honestly, the record has been done for maybe close to a month," he said. "So really, it's not a Meek Mills diss. It just so happened that it's perfect timing. He, for whatever reason, started talkin' his bullsh*t on the social websites. And you know, I was about to drop 'King Me,' so it was just perfect timing."
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