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                    2Chains How It Went Down
2 Chainz opened up to Atlanta's Hot 107.9 about his recent attempted robbery. At first he thought he was on an episode of "Punk'd," but soon found out it was all very real. 
"I saw the gun first. It was like a .357. It was so heavy he couldn't really hold it. The gun was so big. That's what made me take off running. When I went into the street, there was another dude with a whole 'nother gun."
He continued, "That's when I knew it wasn't like an episode of Punk'd. I was like this is real...I had bullet fragments in my hair...I think he thought he shot me."
The "We Own It" rapper isn't letting the incident bring him down, as he explained, "I'm just excited about life. I'm so turnt up, you can't turn me down. I'm just geeked about life. Then when I saw the footage, I'm like it was real. They was on my ass!' This was a sign. That's all it was. I come from this."
Source: HotSpotATL
                                                              GrassRoots EM!?!
Since his masterful performance in 2002's "8 Mile," Eminem has not appeared in a Hollywood movie. He reportedly had the chance to star in the upcoming sci-fi flick "Elysium," but turned it down when the director wouldn't honor his one request.
The director, Neil Blomkamp, had South African rapper Ninja from the group Die Antwoord in his mind as the first choice for the role. When Ninja declined, his next choice was Hip Hop legend Eminem. According to Rolling Stone, Eminem agreed to star in the film only if it were shot in his hometown of Detroit. With D-Town declaring its bankruptcy this week, Em clearly wanted to do anything he could to help get revenue flowing. Evidently, Blomkamp wasn't a big fan of the idea, and wound up recruiting Matt Damon for the role.
At least Marshall tried.

             Charles Barkley on Trayvonn Verdict: Say What??!!
Charles Barkley sat down with CNBC's Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo on Thursday afternoon, July 18th, and spoke his mind about the George Zimmerman acquittal.  Unlike many celebrities and a large portion of the general public, Charles actually agrees with the Zimmerman  not guilty verdict, for he feels there wasn't enough evidence to convict him of 2nd degree murder.  
Charles did say that he is sorry that Trayvon Martin was killed, but at the same time he thinks there was a lot of racism in the media against Zimmerman.  Charles feels as though black people are just as guilty of racism as white people.
How do you feel about Charles' views?

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