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   We still bringing you the raw info, the Number$!!  This is what the industry is looking like in Real Time!  Right now look at the economy!  In this economy the numbers in our industry ARE actually GROWING!!! Just take a look, and please don't stop your research here, do your own research and let us know what you find!!!DRUMROLL PLEASE... And the Numbers ARE...
     As of 1 March 2013, the MLM 500 Top Earners ranking with 8,200+ distributors is updated.
The average Top Earner in Direct Selling, MLM or Network Marketing is earning approximately $20,700 per month / $248,000 per year, based on 8,200+ rankings. 
Approx. 310 distributors are making $1+ million a year.
The total payout to the listed distributors is est. $2+ Billion annual.
The full list can be found here: 

Top Earners In Our industry- Dem Gwop BoyZ & GurlZ

1. Holton Buggs – Organo Gold USA $14,400,000 a year
2. Angela & Rayne Ho – Nu Skin Singapore  $13,200,000 a year
3. Dexter Yager – Amway USA  $12,000,000 a year
4. Shane Morand – Organo Gold Canada  $12,000,000 a year
5. John Sachtouras – Organo Gold USA $8,700,000
6.  Jose Ardon – Organo Gold USA $8,400,000
7. Barry Chi & Holly Chen – Amway Taiwan  $7,800,000
8. Wood & Sharpe – Empower USA $7,056,000
9. Brian McClure – Ambit Energy USA $5,424,000
10. Abraham & Raquel Cortez –Herbalife Mexico $5,400,000
The Top 100 – March 2013

Best Performing Businesses- Da Bread Machines

1. Avon Products Inc.
Sales: $10.3 billion
Country: USA
2. Amway
Sales: $8.4 billion
Country: USA
3. Vorwerk & Co. KG
Sales: $3.58 billion
Country: Germany
4. Mary Kay Inc.
Sales: $2.5 billion
Country: USA
5. Natura Cosmeticos SA
Sales: $2.4 billion
Country: Brazil
6. Herbalife Ltd.
Sales: $2.3 billion
Country: USA
7. Primerica
Sales: $2.2 billion
Country: USA
8. Tupperware Brands Corp.
Sales: $2.1 billion
Country: USA
9. Oriflame Kosmetiek B.V.
Sales: $1.8 billion
Country: Sweden
Stock Symbol: ODI-SDB.ST—Stockholm
10. Forever Living Products*
Sales: $1.7 billion
Country: USA


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