Why BLOGGING WiLL NeVer DIE- Nick Haubner

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     Last night TJ and I had the great pleasure of hosting a Webinar-Hangout with our good buddy, Mr. Ray Higdon, and let’s just say, “He delivered the goods!”
The coolest part, is that our friend and valued Elite Marketing Pro Member, Rebecca Woodhead, generously provided some of the best notes I’ve seen in a long time, with graphs and circle charts – so cool!
If you’re not already an EMP member, you can get started today for just $10 and get the Hour and a Half Webinar with Ray Higdon as well as Rebecca’s Epic Notes.
In either case, there were to really important points that Ray made that will prove to be time-less and helpful to new bloggers or anyone looking to RE-IGNITE their “dead” blog.

1. Why Blogging Will Never Die – Now is the Time to Learn How to Start Blogging

We’ve heard it dozens of times… Facebook PPC is dead. Twitter is dead. LinkedIn PPC is too expensive, it won’t catch on. But, rarely, and I mean RARELY do you hear: “Blogging is Dead.”
And there’s a damn good reason for that – Blogger’s will never go away. In fact, I’ve heard it twice just this week (and you can call me crazy), “Blogger’s will rule the world of content in the coming years.”
Why is that? Well, because people trust people.
We will always take our ‘good buddy over at the Magnetic Sponsoring blog’s advice over “Facebook ad that sends me to a capture page with a promise that I’ll get X-result”. Right?
So, if you’re not blogging yet, NOW is the best time to start. You’ve got the ability to jump start your blog even faster than Ray did back 3 years ago right here.

2. How to Start Blogging by Being Authentically YOU

This is something that I struggled with for a LONGGGG time. It’s freakin’ hard. All of this noise going on around us and all these wonderful marketers getting these fantastic results. Who do we ‘follow’? Do we do this… or do we do that? Wow, she made $1200 in 4 days?! I haven’t made a dime yet and she makes it look so easy!
Want the secret?
Stop comparing yourself to ‘them’. Most of the time they’ve been at it for a while. Building their brand. Honing their skills in relationship building, marketing, and influence.
Ray couldn’t have put it any better. “Everyday when I create a new video, I always wake up in the morning asking the question: How can I beat yesterday’s video?”
He doesn’t compare himself to anyone else. He seeks to be better than yesterday’s Ray Higdon. That’s it, and quite frankly, that’s much more inspiring than trying to be “The God of Internet Marketing.”
Seek to be better than you were yesterday. Grow. Make Mistakes. And be Authentically YOU.
By Nick Haubner

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