WHAT? -Nicole Jackson

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo!

So now I need some sort of product/service to promote.  There's so many companies out there to choose from, how do you pick.  I figure I'd narrow them down to 3 that offer some significant value to my family and I, and I found 3 winners.  One offers a service that no family should be without.  Another, just makes perfect sense considering today's economy.  The other is must-have for the  environmentally conscious.  However, in order to get up and running with any one of them I need...you guessed it! Cash.  

A Humble Beginning

So after a couple of conversations with The Hip Hop Marketer  +Emperor NervRakrZ  (Hi, Honey!), I now know that there are companies that I can work with that require no start up money.  I can begin to establish my presence online as an affiliate marketer.  He informed me that a website is nothing without traffic, and he knows of a company that's willing to pay individuals (even with no experience) for bringing traffic to their website.  Supposedly, this particular site is a good match for me.  The work could be done in my spare time, and I could get paid even if the viewers choose not to spend so much as a dime, as crazy as that sounds....So my plan now is to get as many people as possible to check out the site.

A Helping Hand

I feel a bit reluctant to reach out to family and friends.  Unfortunately, they are not always the most supportive group when it comes to businesses like these.  But we'll see.  Maybe my big bro +Bernard Jackson Jr  will surprise me and join my offer.  (HINT, HINT!!!!)  This is going to be interesting.


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