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Hey guys GM I'm bringing you another great post By Vitali Grinblat over at Magnetic Sponsoring ... This guy is good... Sometimes I wake up in the morning thinking what does Vitali have to say today??! Well. Check him out he's got some REAL GEMS...  As Always

Get Cash By Tomorrow! 
That’s what the envelope I got last night read. It said that I can get my hands on money fast, by tomorrow, and it only takes a few seconds to apply online. Credit doesn’t matter. Bankruptcy, foreclosure, judgements…. don’t matter. So what’s the catch? 
Well, it’ s in tiny print at the bottom of the back page that the APR (interest you pay back) is going to be between 299.17% to 378.95%.
 And it even highlights that they’re proud it’s much less than one of their competitor’s, who charges an average of 706.08% interest. Yes, that’s ANNUAL interest. WOW! And you thought credit cards were bad. This is highway robbery (for REAL)… By the way this is 4th or 5th letter I got from them. 
I have NO IDEA why. But that’s how these criminals get you. They lure you in with easy credit, access to cash, buy now pay later and all the other shennanigans. And then… Then one day you wake up and… … 
Tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt, that you can barely afford to make payments on. And most of your payment goes right into THEIR pocket with high interest charges, meaning… You will NEVER pay your debts off. 
You’re not supposed to. That’s what keeps THEM in business. And there’s only ONE remedy for that. That’s after you commit to STOP spending and borrowing, and that is… 

I’ve always scoffed the idea of “budgeting.” Even though I was a financial adviser for many years, I’ve always believed that you can rearrange the chairs on Titanic all you want… But if the sucker is going down… IT’s GOING DOWN! And the only way to get yourself out of debt and stay out of debt, is NOT to spend less than you make… (that’s poverty thinking)… But instead…

Make MORE than you spend!

Instead of learning how to cut back, learn how to make more. I know, I know, sounds like a bunch of rah-rah. But I promise it’s not. Making money and building wealth is all about your ATTITUDE. And the decisions you make on a daily basis are either going to move you towards making money and having more cash in your bank… Or away from it. 

Money is nothing but E-N-E-R-G-Y. 

You either attract it or repel it with your thoughts, feelings and actions. 
Notice I didn’t just say thoughts or actions. It’s thoughts, feelings, AND actions. And actually, there’s one more that comes before that. What triggers thoughts? 
It’s the WORDS you say. 
It’s the conversation you have going on inside. 
Your inner self-talk. 
You can take the “right” actions, but if you have the “wrong” attitude… if you’re always worried and/or acting out desperation, guess what? 
IT WON’T WORK! You’ll sabotage yourself and all your efforts. Something that happens all to often. Like when I hear people say… 
“I hope this works, I’m on my last dime”… 
“I’m going to give this one last shot and if doesn’t work, I’m done with this”…
 “I hope I don’t screw this up”…
 “I need to get this going quickly or I can’t afford to do this anymore”… 
“When I see some proof it works, I’ll believe it”… 
“I’m just struggling to stay afloat”… 
“I just hope things will get better soon”… Or some variation of these. 
We think 60,000+ thoughts a day. 
And for MOST people, about 80% of them are negative and destructive.
They’re holding them back, and most don’t even know it. 
By the way, there’s a little old book I highly recommend.
“What To Say When You Talk To Your Self” by Shad Helmstetter. It’ll help your forever change how to talk yourself. A big return for a measly few dollar investment. I think you can grab it on Amazon for $7. 
Your success will always depend on what you think and what you tell yourself most. 
Expect the best, tell yourself so, and there’s a GOOD CHANCE that’s what you’ll end up getting. 
When you have debts, and you FOCUS on it, thinking about, thinking about repaying, thinking about staying out of it… … that is what you will get. 
More of what you focus on. 
More debt. 
That is EXACTLY why people are in debt and can’t get out of it, even when they desperately try. (a BAD word to think and say to yourself) And keep in mind that the banks who have BILLIONS at stake will do everything in their power to keep you in debt forever. 
That’s why “debt” programs from your local bank are a SCAM. 
Notice they’re not called “how to make more money” programs. I wonder why. But when, not if, but WHEN you focus on making more money, more than enough to pay off your debt… more than enough to pay for all your expenses… 

and plenty more left over for other fun things you’d like to do and have… 


The change is instant and it works. 

Cheers, Vitaly Grinblat - 

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