Are You Settling For Less?

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Emperor sign on- This guy really rocks.  His writing is super smooth and straight to the point.  Take a minute to read his insightful marketing understanding. Emperor sign off-
Last night I took my daughter to a class in a new dance studio.
It was a fast-paced and very intense 2 hour session, much tougher than what she’s used to.
But that’s one of the reasons I wanted her to try it it, so she can get better.
She’s been dancing for 5 years and her skills haven’t been improving, and as a result she was getting bored.
There were a few other girls in the class who came from the same dance school as my daughter.
And during the class, the instructor, a highly skilled dancer and Latin dance champion, turned to these girls and said…
“All of you are making this one move wrong, and it’s exactly the same. It’s obvious you’ve developed that habit already, so we need to break it and retrain you.”
And I immediately thought about the saying… “Practice makes perfect”… and how wrong it is.
When you practice making the wrong moves, you’ll develop a habit of always making the wrong moves.
And it’s true of everything.
Ask any golfer, tennis player, or any other athlete.
Practice your golf swing or tennis serve the wrong way, and you’ll always make the same mistake, which will turn into a habit, and as you know… those are hard to break.
Which is why… “practice doesn’t make perfect… perfect practice makes perfect.”
And just like in sports and dancing, what you practice on a regular basis has turned into habits for you.
And they’re either helping you or hurting you.
Here are some habits we all have that have a tremendous impact on the quality of our life.
  • How you treat others.
  • How much money you save or invest.
  • How much attention you give to your health.
  • How you respond to challenges.
  • How you handle negativity and failure.
  • How you deal with distractions.
  • How often you communicate with your list.
  • How you think about the future.
  • How much time you spend improving and getting better.
And the list can go on and on…
I once read somewhere that our life is basically a sum of the choices we’ve made and the habits we’ve developed.
How true.
And the good news is, moving forward you can make different choices and develop NEW habits.
No it’s not. And as I see it, the older you get, the harder it is to change.
However change is the key.
All super successful people are “happily dissatisfied.” When I read that in a book which I highly recommend – “177 Mental Toughness Secrets Of The World Class”… I realized why I always feel like I need to do more.
While the world says… “you need to stop to smell the roses”, my attitude’s always been that I WANT TO GET BETTER.
Jim Rohn had a great saying… “How tall does a tree grow? As tall as it can.”
Then why is it that people settle for less? Many say if I only have _______ this will be enough for me.
Why not make as much as you can?
Why not save as much as you can?
Why not be as healthy as you can?
Why not be as good as you can in whatever you’re doing?
While most people look for ways to AVOID change and growth, champions look for ways to challenge themselves and get better.
The result is obvious.
Most people struggle with pretty much everything, while those who choose the latter lead a very different life.
If you want more out of life, and are dissatisfied with the results you’ve been getting… THAT’S GOOD!
Dissatisfaction is step 1.
Now it’s just a matter of deciding what habits have you developed that are keeping you stuck and start changing them.
Why settle for anything less than the best?
Vitaly Grinblat
This guy never ceases to amaze me-Emperor

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