The Nerv Of Them-TrueSchool Freshman Class:TruNDeed-Oakland Cali.

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                                                           TrueSchool Freshman:TruNDeed             

          Born Matthew Charles Lee, on April 3rd in Oakland, CA.  TruNDeed grew up surrounded by music.  His mother sang in a band.  His uncle played drums in a jazz band.  His aunt, Mary Stalling is a world renowned Jazz singer.  His cousin, Adriana Evans was signed to Virgin Records, and is currently signed to Universal Japan as an R&B artist, and the list goes on and on.  You can see how it was kind of meant to be.  
         Ever since the age of 10, TruNDeed has been writing and recording songs. At the age of 16 he joined a rap group called, “360”, were he continued to polish his skills with the group until they got signed by a local record company in 1997. After two years of recording with the group and not seeing any progress, the group split up and TruNDeed resigned with the same record company as a solo  artist. 
        In the year 2000, TruNDeed released his first album “Live and Direct”, the response was great. He began selling records, going on radio interviews, and touring places he never imagined, like Alaska. In 2003, the record company thought it would be a good idea to release the second album “Tru to the Game”. During that time TruNDeed won an award from The National Recording Academy (the company that puts on the Grammys) for local artist of the year, and also attended his first Grammy award show. After promoting "Tru to the Game" for one year, and not getting the same response that the first album received, he was dropped from his label. In 2004, TruNDeed got back to work and joined a production company where he began writing, and producing songs for local and major artist, and record companies, across the country. For two years TruNDeed took the attention off himself and turned it to other artist.
        In 2006 he decided to put the focus back on himself!  He started to record his third album “Joy & Pain”, no record labels, no managers just himself, and a burning desire to succeed in his career.  With this energy he managed to put together his best work yet.  In the year 2007, he did it, he made 'A Hit'!  It gathered momentum on the local radio station.  TruNDeed's new single was getting more than 100 bds spins from college, and major radio stations in his target market  Now!  With the finished project being his fourth recorded studio album, Tru is definitely an artist to look out for.  You can see his evolution into a well rounded artist.  His longtime involvement in the music game, as well as his undying work ethic have payed off.  TruNDeed has the vision, and the tools,  look out industry this Tru-School freshman is looking forward to graduation and that 'Big Break'!!! 

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