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First, let me say thank you for stopping by our site!  It was nice to see you pass through.  So what are your goals in life?  Are you thinking of owning your own business?!  Do you already own one?  Thinking about how to better market your business, or skill?  Well, we here at NRZ are dedicated to be educated!  We have embarked on a mission to find the latest and greatest marketing systems.  Research until it hurts.  Study, test.  I mean break these systems down to an atom.  Then, put them back together.  Take them apart.  Turn them inside out.  Until we come up with THE system of the time.  You see, think about it like this --you have drive and ambition. You may also have an in demand product(s) and/or service(s) and a killer compensation plan (if not it's o.k. we help with that also).  A proven marketing system, is the tool that you would use to assemble all these parts into a well oiled money printing machine.
 Here's a little system to do just that: # 1) Building your list.  This part can be extremely frustrating , or not.  Check out these links I'm sending you:
1)-    Just click on the links one at a time to get started building your own personal targeted e-mail list.  All the info is on the sites so, get familiar with how they work as they are really good for online traffic.  Focus on E-mail Pays U.  This is really good for newbies(begginers) the site is very simple and the intruction is good. Don't get caught up in the adds!!!!  Repeat don't get caught up in the adds!!  This is very important because,  you have to go one step at a time.  These adds are people who are doing the same thing that we are.  There will be a time to go and work another system but, for now let's just master this one.  When you see something that's sounds just to incredible to pass up, then let me know about it and we'll see if it is worth our team effort .  You can learn a lot from these two simple sites.  Now the first one e-mail pays U actually pays you $10 to join.  It's pretty cool you'll learn a lot of neat tricks too.  
The second one is also a nice site, state of the art it will give you a futuristic feel and $5 every time someone joins using your link.  They're both free to join.   In today's economy everyone's looking  for a way to make some extra cash.  Now, take a moment and think about all the e-mails you receive.  Now imagine there was a way to be paid just from opening them Imagine getting paid again for reading them!  Sounding interesting yet!?  Imagine what you read inside the e-mail is information on how to get paid again (third time) for filling out a survey or short study(of something you're interested in)!! Now stop imagining ...This is reality NewRealitySolutionZ!!! Vindale/NRZENT.  is a certified, state of the art, paid survey, study, affiliate, pure power website and, they don't spam at all 100% guaranteed!  Just think don't you know who's sending you this... Vindale/NRZENT. Check out the awesome refer a friend program to get paid again (fourth time) Vindale/NRZENT
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