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Emperor sign on-
Ladies and gentlemen-

Are you sick and tired of negative stereotypes flooding our neighborhoods via the media--tv shows, sports, music and music videos--portraying the promiscuous and destructive lifestyles such as drug dealing/using, alcoholism and glorious?

Well be advised ...NervRakrZ Entertainment!

A new establishment led by young, ambitious entrepreneurs changing the way you receive your history and current events.  Enlightening you with information concerning health and fitness.   Empowering you with cutting edge marketing strategies to enhance your business.   Entertaining you as well as redefining the image of accomplishment for our youth.
Building on the age old principals of co-operative economics
Establishing and maintaining our own stores, shops, and other businesses and profiting from them together.
Breaking down further, the true meanings and definitions of powerful wealth building tools, like su-su and money leveraging.
Using the Internet, as a massive promotional vehicle.  With all it's new age tools simplified by experts.  Relayed by mentors for maximum profit.
The economy is not necessarily bad but, new!  There is information, strategies, and systems that are cataclysmic in their results!!!  There is a group of people that are benefiting enormously, time to bring the benefits home!!!
Join the movement!

See you on the inside...
Emperor Abd'alMalik
CEO NRZ Companies




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